White C-flute Corrugated Trash Containers 

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Quality Kraft Trash Boxes   
White C-flute Corrugated Trash Containers
200 lb. Test / 32 lb. ECT. Single Wall Construction.
Quality White Trash Boxes an easy option for recyclable collection as well as trash collection at your next party or public event. Trash or recycle collection has never been easier or cheaper. Do you store 55 gallon drums that are used once or twice a year. Our White Corrugated Trash Containers are cheap, Fast, and they ship and store flat. Once they are worn out just recycle the cardboard box.
If you plan or operate a festival or large public event there's no better option than white corrugated trash containers. Wide handles on the sides makes it easy to transport and dispose of when filled. Boxes use a standard 40 gallon trash bag.
138-8-01W 18" x 18" x 30"  White Corrugated Trash Containers
  W= White      SG= Standard Ground      DW= Dimensional Weight     Truck= Truck Only  
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   Corrugated Trash Containers                
Heavy Duty - uses a standard 40 gallon trash bag !
                    Disposable Trash Containers

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Corrugated Trash Containers.

These are the corrugated collection boxes that are used by many organizations to collect items such as food donations, bottle caps, used print cartridges or old cell phones. They also make good storage boxes, boot boxes, and lost and found bins.
Boxes and bags constantly searches the packaging industry for quality White Corrugated Trash Containers you need for church festivals, meetings, and public events of all kinds. Use these white boxes for recyclables or waste collection at any public event.

GrOur disposable trash containers are great for toy and donation collections as welleat for toy and donation collections as well. Our disposable trash containers can be used over and they store flat. Some of our customers even use our corrugated trash containers as packing peanut storage, they tell us its easy to move the peanuts from one location to another thanks to the wide handles die cut into the cardboard trash box.

Pick from kraft or white for that clean look.

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White Disposable Trash Containers

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